Zycamp Nebula 16.0 - Rehearsal

Learning Type

Online Training



Enrollment Start

Dec 01

Enrollment End

Jan 19

Training Start

Jan 05
13:30 (GMT +8)

Training Duration

3 hours

Labs Included




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What you are going to learn

The Zycamp Training is a premier training for new content and releases with hands-on practice labs.
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • Test student understanding of the new technical features
  • Share application network solutions with new features and enhancement
  • Provide students with new and detailed knowledge of Zyxel Nebula Solution

Barney Gregorio

Senior Technical Support Engineer
About Barney
With over 5 years working as senior technical support and publishing several technical documents for Routing and Switching, Barney Gregorio has over 100 worldwide training experience across Europe, United States, and other South-East Asian countries. He is highly skilled in analyzing and troubleshooting network issues. He has also acted as a technical consultant for key partners by providing assistance and advice for developing projects.