ZCNE Lv1 WLAN - English

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Online Training


1 hr 13 mins




Valid for 1 year
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What you are going to learn

The ZCNE Level 1 Wireless LAN Training covers basic business solutions available on the Zyxel Access Points. Students will learn how to properly manage their hardware and be able to fine-tune their AP's radio settings and determine the most appropriate AP management mode.
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • Test student understanding of the basic technical concepts
  • Share solutions to basic network requirements
  • Provide students with detailed knowledge of Zyxel wireless product solutions



 Controller Overview

 System Management

 CAPWAP and AP Management

 Case Study 1

 Wireless Connection Establishment

 Wireless Security

 Case Study 2

 Network Access Control and Security

 Case Study 3

 Wireless Performance Optimization

 Mesh Network

 Case Study 4

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