ZCNA Security - English

Learning Type

Online Training


120 mins




Valid for 1 year
(after issued date)

What you are going to learn

The ZCNA Security Training covers the basic security technologies and management tools available on the Zyxel firewall. Students that have completed this training will be able to implement a safe and secured network for client access.
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • Showcase the different Zyxel security product solution
  • Introduce the ZON Utility for easy device management
  • Introduce the MyZYXEL portal for product management
  • Provide step-by-step guides in implementing basic security solutions
  • Showcase security solutions in Nebula Control Center

Outline Overview

  • Company Accomplishment
  • Zyxel Firewall Product Portfolio
  • ZON Utility
  • Myzyxel.com
  • Initial Setup - Wizard
  • Interface Setting
  • NAT
  • Security Policy
  • L2TP VPN
  • Security Service
  • AP Controller
  • Nebula Solution