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Boost your Networking Knowledge! The Zyxel Education Center offers a wide portfolio of certification programs and knowledge sharing maintained by our senior Zyxel instructors.


In these programs, we will introduce network fundamentals as well as routine protocols. By studying general network operations, students that completed the foundation training will be able to effectively manage a wide range of equipment in the network industry.

Certification Programs

With IT industry constantly growing and evolving, more and more businesses require faster and robust network solutions. The Zyxel Certification Program helps our students build and validate their expertise in handling and maintaining networks using the Zyxel enterprise solution. Complete our certification programs and get recognized as qualified network engineers!

Zyxel Certified
Sales Associate

Our company, our vision, and our commercial solutions.

Zyxel Certified
Network Associate

Network management using basic Zyxel solution.

Zyxel Certified
Network Engineer

Network management using Zyxel Enterprise solution.

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Practical Approach

"I had set my sights on enhancing my networking and security expertise, and I must say, your courses truly delivered on that front. Learning was an absolute breeze, thanks to your engaging and practical approach. Now, I am proud to assert my confident grasp of essential cyber security concepts and cutting-edge tools.”
- Salah B., US

Interactive Courses

"Zyxel's online training exceeded my expectations! I achieved my goals of mastering Zyxel products and optimizing equipment usage. The easy-to-follow style and engaging videos made learning a breeze, leading to valuable skills in USG FLEX, ATP, Nebula, WiFi 6, and Switches. Highly recommended!“
- Samer S., Jordan

Well-Structured Training

“I achieved comprehensive knowledge of their products and now confidently serve my clients with the best solutions. The Italian team's support made learning easy, especially with the Nebula cloud platform. I'm a loyal Zyxel partner, using Nebula-compatible products and Professional Licenses to deliver top-notch value to my clients.“
-  Stefano T., IT