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Wanted: Network Detective 

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How to Play the Game


Anyone can join by simply clicking on the Register button at the top page.


Read the Case File carefully and understand the problem.

STEP 3-1

Navigate the inter-active UI and search for the misconfiguration.

STEP 3-2

Operations in inter-active UI
Check video for more details


Enter the code on the Submit Answer box.

Tips & Tricks

1. All issues are related to misconfigurations found in Nebula Control Center (NCC).
2. Each case comes with an inter-active UI of Nebula Control Center (NCC) simulating the network issue.
3. You do not have to input the correct settings. Just Identify the one misconfiguration of each case.
4. After joining the game, you can visit or continue your progress from your Learner Profile page.

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How to play with the inter-active Web GUI?

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*Note: Each attendee can only send the answer once for each case. 

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